Cruisin’ In Cannes

I still catch myself saying the ‘s’ every now and then but, like a lot of things in the French language, it’s silent. But, whatever, I didn’t mind, I was going to Cannes, the French city of the rich and famous.

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Let Me Introduce You To The Typical French Man

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New Adventures In Nice

A lot of people research the place they’re traveling to beforehand, make a list of all the stuff they want to see, all the food they want to eat . . . you know, normal touristy stuff. The stuff you should do if you’re going to be a tourist. Maybe find a map or two . . . Continue reading “New Adventures In Nice”

Monte-Carlo/Monaco City

Carved into the rocky cliffs of the French Riviera, Monaco is like stumbling upon a modern Cair Paraval. It’s the land of the important, the rich, and the beautiful.

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Budapest 101

Here are the 10 things I learned about the beautifully unique city of Budapest, Hungary.

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