Monthly Book Binge: October

October might have not been a very extensive literary month, but I did manage to get a few good page turns in. Continue reading “Monthly Book Binge: October”

Weird Things Backpackers Do While Traveling

Backpacking is amazing and never let anyone make you think otherwise. There’s something so freeing about being in a new country with nothing but a carry on. With hardly any baggage weighing you down, what can’t you do? Continue reading “Weird Things Backpackers Do While Traveling”

6 Ways To Prep For NaNoWriMo

NanowriMoPreparing for NaNoWriMo is pretty much just as daunting as trying to complete the actual feat of writing at least 50,00-60,000 words in one month Continue reading “6 Ways To Prep For NaNoWriMo”

Why Some Of My Favorite Travel Photos Aren’t Ones I’d Ever Put In A Portfolio

I love to take beautiful pictures when I travel. The world is so spectacular – it’s kind of impossible not to and there are days where I can’t wait to take out my camera and snap millions hundreds of photos. Okay, maybe not millions, but definitely a couple hundred.  Continue reading “Why Some Of My Favorite Travel Photos Aren’t Ones I’d Ever Put In A Portfolio”

10 Reasons To Watch Riverdale Even Though The Writers Seem To Pull Every Trick In The Book

Don’t get me wrong, I love Riverdale. It’s filling the void left behind by the end of Vampire Dairies and the hiatus of Game of Thrones, but me and the writers very much have a love/hate relationship. Continue reading “10 Reasons To Watch Riverdale Even Though The Writers Seem To Pull Every Trick In The Book”

India House Hostel: New Orleans

New Orleans. The land filled with history, culture, alcohol, the supernatural, and everything creole. Continue reading “India House Hostel: New Orleans”

Photobook: Scotland

I always thought blue was my favorite color. And then I saw the Scottish Highlands. Continue reading “Photobook: Scotland”

Do You Even Journal?

On one of my last days in London, I woke up with no plan. I had seen all of the touristy attractions, I’d inhaled way too many plates of fish and chips, and I’d walked until my feet felt like they were going to fall off. So, I pulled out my phone while still in bed and typed in “things to do today in London” . . .  Continue reading “Do You Even Journal?”

That One Hostel With The Bugs

No hostel is a bad hostel until you see bugs. At least, that’s what I say. Continue reading “That One Hostel With The Bugs”

Enchanting Edinburgh

Edinburgh was one of those cities I dreamed about late at night while not exactly awake but not yet asleep, staring at a black ceiling as my mind wandered for hours. Continue reading “Enchanting Edinburgh”

Monthly Book Binge: August & September

So, I skipped the Monthly Book Binge last month but I can only blame myself. I chose a monster(s) of a book. Continue reading “Monthly Book Binge: August & September”

My Travel Bucket List: Cities

Usually when I think of traveling, I have a specific destination in mind. Continue reading “My Travel Bucket List: Cities”