Photobook: Braving Stirling Castle

Oh, Scotland. Even on a rainy day, you’re just as beautiful.

I got extremely lucky and managed to snag a seat on a tour to the Highlands my last day in Edinburgh. With a delicious morning roll in one hand and a steaming cup of English Breakfast in the other, I climbed into the coach that was going to drive me through more of Scotland than I had seen in my entire week there.

Our last stop on the tour: Stirling Castle.

We were free to explore, weaving in and out of hallways that were built back in the 13th century by rich kings. We danced in the Great Hall used by Scotland’s Royal Court and walked underneath the dozens of colorfully sculpted Stirling Heads. Stirling Castle is truly a mystical place.
















Read about the rest of my Scotland adventures in Edinburgh.


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6 thoughts on “Photobook: Braving Stirling Castle

  1. It’s great that you got to visit the Scottish Highlands for a brief bit! I also did a *long* day trip to the Highlands during my first year as an assistante. I didn’t visit Stirling Castle, as it wasn’t part of the tour, but it looks fantastic from your photos! Really, even with the not-so-great weather 90 percent of the time, that’s what makes Scotland distinctive, even beautiful!

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  2. It’s definitely worth a spot on any bucket list! Sadly, it’s not free, but an adult ticket wasn’t more than £12 and you have the whole grounds to explore by yourself. If you go with a tour group, there’s usually a discount. You can get into lots of stuff in the U.K. for free, though castles usually aren’t one of those. However, they’re always worth every penny!


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