What Makes A Good Traveler?

What does make a good traveler?

Everyone thinks of the typical responses: open-mindedness, the “go with the flow” mentality, having curiosity and a general thirst for knowledge. Traveling is much deeper than that . . . but it can also be very superficial.


A good traveler is:

Someone who can wear the same three outfits for weeks on end. (With laundry, of course.)

Someone who can tolerate roommate chip eating at 2am. And over zealous Axe body cologne.

Someone who doesn’t groan at long lines or shy away from trying strange food. Eat first, ask questions later.

Someone who realizes that less is indeed more.

Someone who knows that they will never see the entire world. They are observant, because they may only experience this fleeting moment once in their life.

Someone who knows their limits (but also knows how to push them).

Someone who understands that failure is not the same as weakness.

Someone who realizes that, while traveling is a luxury, it is not always luxurious.

Someone who knows what they want – but they’re also able to scratch that and start all over.

Someone who’s maybe not young in body, but can stay youthful in heart and mind.

Someone who can acknowledge a traveler’s sworn enemy: time.

Someone who is able to adapt quickly, yet always keep some part of their own culture.


A good traveler is not the same as a perfect traveler. I don’t think that the perfect traveler even exists. If becoming the perfect traveler was even obtainable, would it be something that everyone should strive for? It would certainly make it all easier.

But I love the mess ups, the awkward encounters, the little differences that make the biggest impressions. If traveling wasn’t a challenge, I wouldn’t want to do it. No matter how long I travel for, no matter how many places I go, I don’t want to be the perfect traveler because, if you’re already perfect at it, what else do you have to learn?


What do you think makes someone a good traveler?

4 thoughts on “What Makes A Good Traveler?

  1. Yes, yes, yes. Traveling is not as glamorous as everyone thinks. The only thing that is more frustrating than getting frustrated with people who don’t understand these things is traveling with them 😩😩

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  2. #preach haha. I’m traveling with a backpacking novice this summer. I’m excited to show her around, but she’s never been traveling for longer than a week. She’s in for an awakening. . . :p A great one, but a difficult one.


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