Blue Morning, Blue Day

When I’m feeling down, I find myself thinking of the beach.  Continue reading “Blue Morning, Blue Day”

Photobook: Wynwood Walls

Before 2009, Miami’s Wynwood district consisted only of unassuming warehouses. Empty. Plain. And absolutely boring.  Continue reading “Photobook: Wynwood Walls”


If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your afternoon that will leave you slightly creeped out, a trip to Cassadaga is the way to go. Continue reading “Cassadaga”

Rum Island

Yep, that’s not photoshop.

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Hamilton’s Pool

If someone tells you Texas is just all tumbleweed and farms, ignore them. They have no idea what they are talking about. Continue reading “Hamilton’s Pool”

New Orleans

After my stay, how would I describe New Orleans?

It’s a city that has as much liquor and crazy running through its veins as it does history. If you’ve come to NOLA looking for adventure, you’ve found it.

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