Le Castellet

Le Castellet is a medieval French citadel overlooking the beautiful rolling southern hills of Provence. What else is there to love?  Continue reading “Le Castellet”


Photobook: Château De Versailles

Marble statues, colorful apartments, beautiful frescos, vibrant gardens, glittering gold walls . . . what doesn’t the Château de Versailles have? Continue reading “Photobook: Château De Versailles”

La Ciotat

Whenever someone asks where I live and I say “La Ciotat,” they usually say “is that even French? It doesn’t sound like it.”

Sometimes even the French don’t believe me.  Continue reading “La Ciotat”


I’ve been to Toulon a few times now, once as my destination and the other times as a transfer. It’s a train hub whether you’re going north or south. Continue reading “Toulon”

10 Things That I Won’t Miss About France & 10 Things That I Will

It’s crazy to think that I’ll only be in France for about two more weeks. Continue reading “10 Things That I Won’t Miss About France & 10 Things That I Will”

Exploring Cassis

Cassis is a lovely town next to La Ciotat and about 20 minutes south of Marseille. Everyone at school always raved about it but, despite being so close, it’s not so easy to get to without a car. Continue reading “Exploring Cassis”

Cruisin’ In Cannes

I still catch myself saying the ‘s’ every now and then but, like a lot of things in the French language, it’s silent. But, whatever, I didn’t mind, I was going to Cannes, the French city of the rich and famous.

Continue reading “Cruisin’ In Cannes”

Let Me Introduce You To The Typical French Man

Imagine this . . . Continue reading “Let Me Introduce You To The Typical French Man”


Carca – what? Continue reading “Carcassonne”